Useful local phrases: Traveling in Vietnam


Vietnamese, the national language, is spoken widely in the country. Variations, however, in pronunciation, vocabulary and diction exist in the various dialects that are in use in the various parts and regions of Vietnam. Here are the some useful phrases that will help you get by and even assimilate your experience fully 🙂

Yes : vang (north), da (south)

No : khong

Hello : xin chao (sin chow)

Goodbye : tam biet (daam beet)

Good night: Ngủ ngon (noo norn)

What’s your name? : Tên bạn/anh/chị/em là gì? (la yi)

My name is… : ten toi la…

How are you? : ban co khoe khong?

Go : di

Come : den

Where : o dau

Thank you : cam on (cam urn)

Thank you very much : cam on rat nhieu

Sorry/Excuse me : xin loi

Hotel : khach san

Street : duong

Bus station : noi do xe

Train station : nha ga

Can you help me? : Ban co the giup toi duoc khong?

Do you speak English? : Ban co noi duoc tieng Anh khong?

I don’t understand : Toi khong hieu

How much is it? : Bao nhiêu? / Cái này bao nhiêu? (bow knew)


4 thoughts on “Useful local phrases: Traveling in Vietnam

  1. Hi Astha! I’m so glad you visited my blog and allowed me to discover your posts! My husband and I are great fans of Vietnamese cuisine and have been dreaming of a trip to that country since forever. I’m looking forward to read all your entries about it, and more.


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