Right where you are

Robert Frost can be credited with making the road not taken quite glamorous. Though we may not acknowledge, at some point(s) or the other(s) in our lives, we all look back and wonder ‘what if?’. What if we had accepted that job offer and moved across the world? What if we had told that guy / girl he / she was cute? What if we had followed our heart after all and studied dance / plants / sailing / science / pottery / acting?

What I love about this week’s photo prompt is that it celebrates the road taken, and in doing that it unknowingly teaches us to appreciate what is, and in doing that it reaffirms the magic of stillness πŸ™‚

If you’re keen to participate too, then show something that surprised you on β€œThe Road Taken” for this week’s challenge. Here’s what happened when I strolled around my little cozy home on an island in Hong Kong and saw the early morning hustle bustle, office goers on foot or bicycles, ladies on vegetable shopping outings, children headed to school and a few others just to take in the delights of a morning bathed in the sun…



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